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Frazetta Museum REOPENS
on May 17th and 18th

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Message From Frank Jr.

Frazetta Museum reopens on May 17th and 18th 2014

Frazetta Museum reopens on May 17th and 18th 2014

New look of the museum gives you another perspective on the personal life of Mr. Frazetta. Half of the museum content will be rare and unseen family photos, art, cameras, personal collections, ect. Home movies, wedding albums, Sinatra records and classical as well. (Click Here)

After nearly five years, the Frazetta Art Museum will be opening once again. (Myself), Frank Frazetta JR and my wife Lori are now the sole owners of the estate property located in Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.

“We are working diligently to meet our anticipated opening date of Saturday and Sunday, May 17th and 18th, 2014.” From 10 am - 5pm.

The weeks following will have our extended summer hours which are Thursday thru Sunday, 10am - 4 pm.

Our opening weekend of the 17th and 18th,  will have complimentary food and beverages on hand as a tribute to the fans. Admission on these two days will be what ever you would like to contribute towards the preservation of the art museum.

Admission will be $15 year round for ages 12 and up. Children 12 and under will be $10.

My parents always expressed their gratitude for the fans loyalty and support over the years which helped make her dream become a reality.  Mrs. Frazetta stated, “An artist is as popular as his fan base and the museum was built as a tribute to them which made it all possible“.

She was able to generate enough revenue over the course of forty years to build a third structure, the beautiful Spanish style museum.

Nearly every patron leaving the museum would say there is nothing like standing directly in front of a Frazetta original. In comparison, the reproduced work in books doesn’t capture the vibrant colors and textures of the original artwork. But my father was the exception, working closely with the publishers printer, with Jim Warrens Creepy and Eerie series back in the 1960’s, when no one else cared one iota about the finished product. He had a passion for detail and wanted the true colors reproduced on the books and magazine covers that his art deserved.

Frazetta boys 1961 and portrait of Ellie
Frazetta boys 1961 and portrait of Ellie
View of the open gallery
Close friend Dominic Aradio helps structure the museum layout
Close friend Dominic Aradio helps structure the museum layout (Click Here) (DIRECTIONS >>)

A 12 gauge shotgun Frank engraved back in the 1970's

Though I’ve watched my father paint ever since a young boy, in other words for about 50 years, it never grew old to witness the amazing gift he possessed with anything he chose to do. Whether oils, pencil or pen and ink, he could apply the magical touch that few others were capable of doing.

This is the third museum and the most deserving of his Legacy. It is also the most convenient and accessible for our patrons from around the country. With just a short 90 minute trip from New York and Philadelphia, you can view most of his Master works on the Museum walls where it was originally intended to be seen by the fans; and where better suited to have it proudly displayed than the place my father created it, than across the yard from his studio home in Pennsylvania.

The museum resides and overlooks our private lake set at the base of the rolling hills on our 67 acre estate.

 Though anytime of year is wonderful to visit us, October is one of the most beautiful times as the autumn colors are breathtaking with their vibrant, orange, red, and purple foliage covering the surrounding hills of the estate property. The fall colors enchant your spirit, as well as enjoying your day at the Frazetta Art Museum. Whether your a Frazetta fan, or just an art aficionado, you owe it to yourself to visit the museum and see what a truly exceptional personality he was.

The museum will be set up unlike it formerly had been by Mrs. Frazetta. Personally, along with my wife Lori and son William,  all recognized it should be more interactive for the fans liking. It will be laid out in chronological order, beginning with some of his earliest known pieces of art dating back to his childhood in 1933. Also, most of Mr. Frazettas private memorabilia will be set within the time frame it was used such as his baseball paraphernalia from his teenage years, the classical records that inspired him to create some of his greatest oil paintings, his extensive camera collection and golf clubs just to name a few personal items. I truly wanted the museum to be more personable, showing the fans who my father was behind the art. What he enjoyed in life other than sitting behind an easel and painting for a living. Art did not own him, it was simply a way for him to support his growing family starting in 1957. So if you enjoy reading, don’t forget to bring your reading glasses because there will be numerous articles and captions throughout the gallery for you to learn about the man behind the art.

Many of his supreme works will be on display, The Cat Girl, Silver Warrior, Reign of Wizardry, Death Dealer # 3 revised and Conan the Indomitable are just a handful of master works for you to view.  All of his left hand oil paintings can be viewed along with a designated area focused solely to family portraits that some have been hanging on the walls in the Frazetta home for over 60 years. These are original works of art never viewed or reproduced for books which entitles the visitor to see art directly from  the Frazetta’s private collection.

By focusing the theme of the museum on a more personal level, it makes your visit much more educational and of interest. By not only viewing most of his master works but to see things from his personal achieve that no one has ever seen before. I have on display unseen work, original comics, home movies and the first known crayon drawing he did in the early 1930’s. There were two Indian head pennies taped to the back of the small drawing that just may be the ones his grandmother gave him for inspiration and what had started his career to fame. Both Indian Head pennies were dated 1907 which implies the possibility grandma reached into her purse and gave him his first tidy paycheck for her gratitude to what he had created.

We have his first two oil paintings on display he did at age 8 and the last paintings he did left handed in the late 2000’s. On hand will also be the final Death Dealer painting, #7, that was never published to my knowledge. The Reign of Wizardry will be our focal point centered in the gallery on his easel with his palette, paints and brushes displayed exactly as they were when he did all his work. This will be an experience and new perspective to a mans life that few people have ever had the opportunity to be part of. It will be a compressed tour of his life and make you feel like you turned the clock back to his childhood  and saw the progression of his talent and ability grow to become one of the finest illustrators’ of the 20th  century. Yet through all the years of fame, my father  stayed humble to himself and his family.

But our objective is to have the doors open by May 17th and 18th to greet the fans on what will be a very special day for all of us.

Sincerely yours,
The Frazetta Family


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