Frazetta Silver Warrior

Frazetta Silver Warrior

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In 1974, Frank created Silver Warrior at his small studio in Marshalls Creek, PA. Of all the masterpieces that Frank Frazetta ever created, this is probably the most popular. In just two days, Frank created a small thumbnail sketch, and in merely two short afternoons, he finished this masterpiece. While in the middle of the painting, he was interrupted and asked if he wanted to play a game of stick ball in the front yard with his son and a few friends. He looked backed and said, with a smile, I'll be right out. After a few hours playing, he proceeded back into the chair and finished this magnificent painting. The Viking warrior signifies a time when men were fearless and could conquer all that confronted them, regardless of the foe. Today, nearly a half-century after the painting was completed, it is still rated in the top five of all his masterful creations. Slim fit. 100% Cotton. 30 Single.