SALE- Death Dealer III by Dark Horse PLUS Death Dealer III Revised Print signed by Frank Frazetta Jr

SALE- Death Dealer III by Dark Horse PLUS Death Dealer III Revised Print signed by Frank Frazetta Jr



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The first Death Dealer painting was created by Frank Frazetta in 1973. When this image first hit the book stands on an undistinguished anthology of sword and sorcery stories paperback book, it was an overnight sensation. The Death Dealer was menacing; his features obscured and concealed behind armor and mail. The swirling smoke and flames surrounding this demonic character signified death and horror unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. It hit a chord with his audience and rapidly became one of his most celebrated characters. Frazetta was so pleased with the original version of his Death Dealer that it took nearly 14 years before he considered doing another painting incorporating this iconic character. Death Dealer III was the only one of the seven Death Dealer paintings that was completely repainted, and is now known as Death Dealer III Revised.

The statue we are offering today was replicated from the original version that Frank painted in 1987. With the original version completely painted over and no existing original artwork to view, this a rare opportunity to own a masterpiece that is gone forever. This beautifully replicated resin statue of Death Dealer III stands over 9 inches tall, permanently attached to its base incorporating death, skulls, and bone fragments. Hand painted and limited to only 550 pieces, each comes with a certificate of authenticity and is a great addition for any collector of Frazetta memorabilia.

For release we have a discount of $30 from MSRP ($130). Limited inventory, so please order quickly before you miss out on this great one-time offer!

The proceeds from your purchase go towards the preservation of the Frazetta Art Museum and his legacy.

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