Reign of Wizardry Lithograph

Reign of Wizardry Lithograph

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The Reign of Wizardry is one of Frank Frazetta's most masterful works. It was originally created in the early 1960's at the start of his fruitful career in paperback book covers. Due to its erotic content and subject matter, Mrs. Frazetta seldom displayed this painting in the museum for the general public to view, though today it proudly hangs there among the other pieces of art. Previously, only very close friends and family members have ever had the privilege to see this masterful work of art first hand while others could only see it via the internet and rare paperback book covers.

Now for the very first time, as a Frazetta Art Museum exclusive, we are offering this beautiful reproduction of Frank Frazetta's “Reign of Wizardry” to the general public. This incredible lithograph is printed on premium museum quality archival matte paper in a 12 color pigmented reproduction that replicates the original artwork to the finest detail. Most reproductions reproduced to meet the Frazetta Museum standards would sell for well over $500.00, but we are making this available to our loyal Frazetta fans at the introductory price of just $99.00, more than $400 off the regular retail price. This is a one time offer on this extremely low production run of just 500 prints. This lithograph replicates the original art in every aspect: from the vibrant colors, the subtle mid tones, and the most minute details.


So please do not hesitate, quantities are limited and each reproduction will be stamp signed, numbered and embossed with the Frazetta Museum seal. The proceeds go towards the preservation of the Frazetta Art Museum.

Thank you, Frank Frazetta Jr.