The Original Graphic Novel Dracula (Hard Cover)

The Original Graphic Novel Dracula (Hard Cover)

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Dracula --both the legendary blood-thirsty vampire and his historic inspiration, Vlad The Impaler-- has terrified and fascinated the world via a myriad of films and books ever since Bram Stoker's original 1809 novel. Tales of the vampiric Prince of Darkness have been adapted to every format including a number of graphic novels. But justs as Stoker's 1809 novel ever holds its historic place, so too does the original Dracula graphic novel. The premier, 1966 graphic adaptation of Stoker's classic was edited and packaged as a paperback by legendary Creepy magazine founding editor, Russ Unca' Creepy Jones. Creepy launched as a full-sized, uncensored black and white horror comics magazine in 1964. It ran, most-famously adorned with covers by Frank Frazetta, for nearly 300 issues over two decades, spawning a tsunami of imitators and competing horror magazine lines including from Marvel. From 2008-2019, Dark Horse released a complete library of Creepy Archives hardcovers which often made the New York Times bestseller list. After leaving Creepy magazine, for the landmark Dracula graphic novel, Jones enlisted Supergirl co-creator/writer Otto Binder and Star Trek, Twin Earths and Creepy artist Alden McWilliams to adapt Stoker's novel. Legendary Dracula actor, Christopher Lee, even provides an introduction! For Halloween 2021, Vanguard has enlarged, revised, and expanded this historic, but long-out-of print classic in a luxurious hardcover edition with a new historic essay by How To Draw Chiller Monsters author, J. David Spurlock, examples of historically related art by Neal Adams, Gene Colan and a new cover by the most celebrated Creepy artist of all, Frank Frazetta. The package makes a surprisingly tastefully terrifying addition to every library and horror fan's bookshelf.