Welcome to the new Frazetta Art Museum website! We hope our new look is clean and a bit easier on the eyes for you! Now, onto the news!

The biggest news currently is something pretty obvious: the changes to our website! We were well aware of issues with the former site, such as navigation and overall just being dated. Through time and effort, we have created this new website, and William Frazetta will be taking charge of it.

The Relaunch

The next big topic is what we like to call a "relaunch" of the legacy; between late 2009-2013, the name became a bit tarnished due to certain issues. During that time, Frank Frazetta Jr and his immediate family's main concern was obtaining the museum in order to keep the paintings safe and in one large collection. Now that the museum is in good hands, the relaunch can occur. This will mean new collectible products, comics, books, and possibly even movies and video games in the future. We at the Frazetta Art Museum are working very diligently to keep the legacy alive and kicking, and it's with your help that we are able to do that!

New Products

Any new products being released can be found on our "New Products" link in the sidebar; any quick updates will be shown on our Facebook page, The Frazetta Art Museum.

As for specific items that are currently in the works:

Keep an eye out for our Museum Edition Lithographs! Currently offered are Reign of Wizardry and Death Dealer III. More to come in the following months!

Our collaboration with Museum Collectibles has been a wonderful experience so far, as their work is very well done. Featuring the axe, sword, shield, and helmet of the Death Dealer, these exquisite pieces are sure to look good in your home fort or castle!