Frazetta Museum reopens on May 17th and 18th 2017

After a very successful opening year, the Frazetta Art Museum will be opening once again. Myself- Frank Frazetta Jr- and my wife Lori are now the sole owners of the estate property located in Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. We run the museum along with our son, William, who tends the museum on Thursdays and Fridays.

We are currently open for the 2017 season; expected date of closing will be sometime in the late Fall/early Winter; we are open every Thursday through Sunday, from 10 am - 4pm.

We ask for a donation upon entrance, the recommended amount being $15 for ages 12 and up. We appreciate any and all donations, as they are what keep the art safe and the museum open.

Discover the artistic legacy of the Frazetta Art Museum

The Frazetta Art Museum is home to the largest and most comprehensive collections of works by Frank Frazetta. He was a living legend, making his mark among tens of thousands of sci-fi artist since the mid 1950’s. He started the entire barbarian era when his interpretation of Conan the Adventurer hit the book stands in 1966, and ever since that time, Frank Frazetta has set the standard that still reigns at the top of all fantasy illustrators.

Many of Franks familiar works, and many rare, are seen in our exhibitions.

The Frazetta Art Museum combines a unique perspective to his amazing career along with behind the scenes information and displays pertaining to his personal life. This includes not just his art, but his extensive camera collection, his personal golf clubs, and hand-carved gun stocks. Plus, home movies that only the Frazetta family themselves have seen.

The beautiful gallery sits on Mr. Frazetta's private estate that has recently been purchased by his son, Frank JR, and his wife, Lori. The reason behind the purchase was simple: to honor his parents' final wishes, which were to preserve his father's art and continue the legacy for fans around the world.

The museum resides on the original 67 acre estate in the heart of the Pocono mountains. Overlooking the small lake at the base of the distant mountains, your visit will be one to remember and you will look forward to returning time and time again. This estate is where Frank created his most iconic paintings since 1971. His four children were brought up on this large parcel of land in a time that the Pocono’s were still in their "honeymoon" stage- with a population under 25,000 in the early 1970’s to today totaling well over 250,000 residents. But the estate property has stayed in tact since the original purchase in 1971, only to be groomed and landscaped to make it as beautiful as one could imagine.

Over the years my father and I talked about what separates one beautiful painting from another- though both are equally as magnificent. He told me certain qualities in particular that cannot be duplicated because they were done without an exact idea in mind. Of his ten top picks, seven of them are in my personal collection, though some may question how Conan the Adventurer was not my fathers personal favorite of the 8 Conan oils he created. Conan the indomitable stands at the forefront based on pure genius and design as stated in the documentary by DR. Dave quoting my father. As great as Death Dealer I is, he put Cat girl as its equal- or higher- in many articles over the years. Reign of Wizardry is an extremely rare piece which is also in his top five and one few people have ever had the chance to see. We have it as our focal point in the center of the museum. The debate could go on for decades on his personal best, but in his eyes they were all great!

The newly acquired museum is a work in progress, and there are major renovations in the plans through the years. It will be done in 5 separate phases, each having substantial benefits for the museum. We will post each separate phase as they are in the process of construction.

Truly  yours, 

Frank Frazetta JR


Perhaps the most anticipated event involving Frank Frazetta in the last 10 Years."

The original museum was located in East Stroudsburg in the mid 1980's. It was on the 3rd floor of Frank's 12,000 ft. building, which used to be a masonic hall. Frank was always concerned if there was a fire it would be literally inaccessible for fire fighters to access the 3rd floor in time to save a lifetime's artwork. Which was true, since a fire on the lower floors of the building in 1997 closed the museum; fortunately none of the artwork was damaged.

Plans to relocate the gallery to Florida followed. He had purchased a beautiful ocean front condominium in Boca Grande, Florida- located on the Gulf of Mexico. They had thoughts of selling the PA estate and moving to the Florida island. Following the condominium, Frank and Ellie purchased a wonderful downtown complex for the Art Gallery with two large apartments and an adjacent tree house apartment next to the islands native Bawjan trees which would be Frank's new studio.

While they remodeled the building and enjoyed the tropical paradise in the winter, the summer months were intolerable with the high temperature and humidity. They also realized that due to its remote location it was too far from the big cities and not readily accessible by car for fans and friends to visit. And with the Frazetta children and all the relatives back in the Northeast, they decided to relocate back to PA.