Directions correspond to the pictures below the words. Also, numbers in the map image correspond to the numbers next to the text/images for aid in navigation. Please call if you have any trouble finding us.

1. If you are traveling on Route 80, take the Marshall's Creek Exit/309 Exit. Stay in the middle or far right lane (they will merge 200 feet from the light). Continue straight through the light.

2. Continue on this road until you reach a roundabout; take the second (left) exit on the roundabout.

3. Follow this road for about a mile until you reach a stoplight at which you will turn left.

4. Proceed on this road for roughly one mile. You will see a large hill and at the bottom is a street on the left-hand-side called Sweetwater Lane. Turn onto that road.

Sweetwater Lane immediately forks; turn left onto Museum Lane. Follow that down, follow the driveway underneath the pine trees, and the museum will be at the end of the driveway.